In this feature, for each customer it will be possible to know the number of processes and information regarding process status (in progress, completed or canceled). Therefore making it easier to identify the amount billed or owed.

Customer Sheet

The Customer sheet is the place where you can gather detailed information regarding each one of your customers (company name, email, VAT number, etc.). In this feature you have access to the log of interactions with the possibility of checking the client's processes.


This feature allows you to see the entire list of processes and corresponding customers that correspond to them. In Processes it is possible to know the date that each process was created, how many quotes were issued per customer, as well as the deadlines for payment.

Process details

In the Process Details you will find detailed information about the customer's requirements for a specific job, the start date of the job and the date of delivery.

This feature provides a log of contacts made with the customer where you can easily manage past and future meetings.

All quotes and respective values can be listed and signed with an accepted or not accepted icon.

The Process Details also allows you to list and manage payments made by your customers.


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