This feature allows you to have an overview of all the businesses that have supplied your company by organizing them into a list. It is then possible to associate them with the Acquisitions made, the amount paid and in debt and the evaluation of each Supplier.

Supplier sheet

By selecting any Supplier from the list, you can easily access the Supplier's data and the list of Acquisitions made with it, and you can also add new purchases to the selected Supplier.


The Suppliers module has a feature that allows you to record and organize all of the acquisitions of products and services that are made in your company. It is also possible to register invoices, understand the amount paid or owed, manage order forms, create alerts to help you to not exceed payment deadlines, as well as evaluate your suppliers.

Details of an acquisition

By clicking on an Acquisition number, you can access the corresponding information, including regarding payment. In this option, you can also rate your supplier from Very bad (one star) to Very good (five stars), for each purchase. Thus, in future orders it is possible to understand how former interaction with that Supplier went, before purchasing.


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